Tuesday, April 20, 2010

painting, again.

Oh how I love to paint. Walls, not pictures. Thanks to my BFF Michelle for showing me that I do, indeed, possess the ability to choose paint and apply it to my walls, my house looks a little like a dumped out box of crayolas. It started with my living room and has progressed from there. The final room - my craft room. I'm still getting headaches, but I've decided to just start painting anyway. I prefer to brush anyhow and this way I can go at it a little at a time. I picked a yummy, pumpkin-y orange. I love it.

Here's what we have:
living room: mustard-y tan
kitchen: red
bathroom: greenish blue
office: green
stairs/hall: green & brown
big girls' room: peachy pink
little girls' room: sunny yellow (with a garden painted on the walls)
my room: brown & tan
my bathroom: white (how boring, huh? I may have to change that before too long but in my defense there is a white crayon)


Brit said...

I love, love, love colors on walls. I wish I was more brave to do my own!

Momma B said...

Dumped out box of crayon houses are my favorite! Our kitchen will be that pumpkin-y orange color some day!

Wool Winder said...

Your craft room will be bright and cheery. Hope your headaches go away.