Sunday, April 18, 2010

I plead the 5th

I am considering asking no, begging my sister's mother-in-law to adopt my husband and become my mother-in-law too. Because of her I acquired a lovely (to only me, apparently) set of salad spoons. Why nobody else likes them, I'll never know. And contrary to what she says, they were a gift. Oh wait ... she was the one who said they were a gift! That's all I can say about it for now and in fact, I may just invoke my 5th amendment rights.

I love them:


Louise Plummer said...

They photograph beautifully. I'm glad I stole them.

I'll be your honorary mother-in-law.

Jen said...

They are neat. But I like things that no one else likes too. :)

Ally Johnston said...

They look fab

Kalleen at Second Street said...

I'm glad Louise wasn't to chicken to steal them for you too. I saw your gifts at the party they were very cute, I know Lucy would have loved them and so will some other princess.