Wednesday, April 28, 2010


l-r: me, my sister, my mama

On Monday we went to a taping of The Bonnie Hunt Show.
We made friends.
We ate hot dogs.
We sang Happy Birthday to Carol Burnett.
We ate birthday cake.
Trisha Yearwood made carrot cake.
We ate more cake.
I got a free t-shirt.
Some of the most fun I've ever had


Brit said...

How fun! What city is that in?

Marcia said...

Brit, I can't email you directly because your address didn't come through so I hope you see this. It's filmed in Culver City, CA. One of the other people in line said it's the old Desilu studio. I don't know for sure about that. I'm a Utah girl.

Nancy said...

What a wonderful adventure!

Momma B said...

It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL ADVENTURE, Marcia! Yay for you and your momma and your sister!

Jen said...

All 3 of you look like you're having fun! You should find a fun thing to do out my way! :)