Monday, March 23, 2009

tiny things

On Saturday I made a little sweater and hat set for my daughter's friends' little stuffed lamb. In case you think I've lost my mind (which actually you'd be right about, but that's beside the point) I am aware that is a picture of a horse. I had this adorable little friend find an animal from among the legions we own who is similar in size to the lamb of hers. This little horse fit the bill and so here he is modeling the purple and pink set.

The hat was knit on size 2 DPNs while the sweater was knit on size 3 needles (I don't have anything smaller in straight needles) using Caron Simply Soft. I just used buttons that I already had. To show how super tiny the hat really is, I took it's picture next to a ruler.

I brought the finished items to church yesterday and was very pleased to find out that the little girl had also brought her lamb, in case I needed it for sizing but not expecting the items to be finished already (she and I had talked about it on Friday). She was so cute and happy and later that night I received the sweetest thank-you email from her. It made me smile.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nine Hats

Nine hats are on their way to my friend Momma B. They will be taken to a youth home next week, I think. There are three boyfriend hats and six Jaida's hats.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the Seinfeld entry (a blog post about nothing)

We are getting seriously low on food. And we're out of dog food. We have no butter (a crime!) or bread. I do have yeast so I think I'll bake some yummy bread from a recipe my younger sister posted on our family's website. And I'm out of my medication (anti-anxiety stuff). Not a great thing to have happen. But I really don't want to go to the store. I grabbed taco bell on the way home from volunteering at the school this afternoon and am paying for it now. Ugh. Please someone tell me why I thought that would be a good idea.

Right now I'm making a menu suggestion list (I don't do well with actual plans). So far I have only two meals - tacos (I remembered that I had forgotten about them and taco bell is a poor, poor substitute) and fried chicken (Doug's choice).

And because I believe a blog entry should have a picture:

Doug worked really hard last weekend to get my garden ready for planting. I can put in peas and  beans and other items that don't mind a little cold. The rest will have to wait until Mothers' Day-ish. He was anticipating being out of town for two and a half weeks on a business trip only to have it cancelled because he got called for jury duty (but he's since been dismissed from that too).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

because I found this funny

I thought I'd share. A comic taped to the back of the door to the x-ray room at the pediatrician's office:

Sunday, March 08, 2009


boyfriend hats. As you can see, the third one
is still waiting for me to find my yarn needle.

Jaida's Hat, two of them that I made today.
since I took these pictures, I've made
one more and another is on the hook.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Green M&M's

My mom is pretty clever. After Christmas she buys the holiday M&M's on clearance. She'll go through the bags and divide them. The red and white ones she puts out for Valentines and the green ones come out for St. Patty's Day. Smart, huh?

I have 3 hats (nearly) finished for the children's home. I just need to find that dang yarn needle (actually the whole bag, as that's what I've misplaced - I keep them all in a small pouch I made a few years ago. Arg) so I can finish the 3rd. I hope to get another done on time to send them off to my friend Momma B. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow. I'm quite pleased with them myself.

Monday, March 02, 2009

nearly finished office

I've neglected this place for a few weeks. I haven't been feeling/doing well. I think I currently have a sinus infection, but we'll see how it goes (away, hopefully!). While my husband was out of town recently, I did a lot of work in here (den/office - I'm not even sure what a 'den' room is...). I didn't get it completely finished, but it's, as Doug said, 200 times better than it was. So here are some pictures. I did not take any before's because I was too embarrassed.

Looking into the room from the hallway. I'm seriously in love with the green walls. Above the bookcase is a piece of once-scrap wood that my oldest (Birdie) burned with a magnifying glass last summer. I thought it was cool so I lightly stained it and hung it here.

Still kinda messy, you see Doug's corner. He's actually the most organized and neatest person in this house. I have no doubt it will be whipped back into shape in no time. The price he pays for going out of town on me like that! But I post this picture mostly to show the two different colors. Three walls are the lighter shade while the west wall is this darker. It makes me happy.

My desk area. The cream-colored totes on the shelves we already had but I found the green ones on clearance at walmart while getting more paint. I used my paint chip to check if they would match. Yay for a good deal!

Kinda the kids' area. A few years ago I chalkboard painted the recesses on the back of the door. On the wall we have a board with lines for music (Doug teaches the girls piano) and their bookshelf. It's full. And there are still more books. Also there the map of the US so we can show them where friends and family live.

Finally, while at walmart I also found 3 very cheap document frames ($2 each) and hung these paintings Tessa has done within the past year. I'm not sure about the one on the left aside from it just being a person. The one in the middle is Laura Carrot from VeggieTales and on the right, I think that's me.