Monday, March 02, 2009

nearly finished office

I've neglected this place for a few weeks. I haven't been feeling/doing well. I think I currently have a sinus infection, but we'll see how it goes (away, hopefully!). While my husband was out of town recently, I did a lot of work in here (den/office - I'm not even sure what a 'den' room is...). I didn't get it completely finished, but it's, as Doug said, 200 times better than it was. So here are some pictures. I did not take any before's because I was too embarrassed.

Looking into the room from the hallway. I'm seriously in love with the green walls. Above the bookcase is a piece of once-scrap wood that my oldest (Birdie) burned with a magnifying glass last summer. I thought it was cool so I lightly stained it and hung it here.

Still kinda messy, you see Doug's corner. He's actually the most organized and neatest person in this house. I have no doubt it will be whipped back into shape in no time. The price he pays for going out of town on me like that! But I post this picture mostly to show the two different colors. Three walls are the lighter shade while the west wall is this darker. It makes me happy.

My desk area. The cream-colored totes on the shelves we already had but I found the green ones on clearance at walmart while getting more paint. I used my paint chip to check if they would match. Yay for a good deal!

Kinda the kids' area. A few years ago I chalkboard painted the recesses on the back of the door. On the wall we have a board with lines for music (Doug teaches the girls piano) and their bookshelf. It's full. And there are still more books. Also there the map of the US so we can show them where friends and family live.

Finally, while at walmart I also found 3 very cheap document frames ($2 each) and hung these paintings Tessa has done within the past year. I'm not sure about the one on the left aside from it just being a person. The one in the middle is Laura Carrot from VeggieTales and on the right, I think that's me.


TulipGirl said...

Looks lovely! Organized, pretty and practical.

We need more bookshelves.

But we're putting off any purchases for the home right now, just in case we move soon. (We've been in that mindset the past couple of years. . . *L*)

Wool Winder said...

I can tell a lot of work and thought went into this space. It turned out great!

Momma B said...

I think it is FABULOUS, with an F! HA! Honestly, you did a wonderful job!!!

Now, I hope you get to feeling better!

Anchely said...


Nancy said...

I like the green walls. All of my walls are off-white. I guess it is time to bring some color into my world.

Hope that you feel better soon.

Snot Head said...

I miss you! I miss reading your blogs and about your life and your crafts! I hope you get to feeling better as soon as Doug is back because I need to read your witty banter and see your wonderful pictures. I love the room. It honestly looks like you are more organized than Doug right now, but the room looks fantastic. Great job! Again, I miss you!

Jen said... when are you coming to Iowa to help me? Those are the same baskets I'm going to Wally to get next week for Christmas gifts. Perhaps I should get some shelving too and do that for the living room.

Renna said...

It's darling! I can see it will be very conducive to productivity! :-)

Jenny said...

Looks fantastic. I like the dark green contrast wall. Was Doug proud of you?

Kim in MI said...

I love the green walls, too. I should do a room in green.

I wish I could organize a room!!

Tami said...

I love the room. You did a great job!

Jenny said...

I like the contrasting greens. Is there a big black push pin in WY on the map?