Thursday, March 19, 2009

the Seinfeld entry (a blog post about nothing)

We are getting seriously low on food. And we're out of dog food. We have no butter (a crime!) or bread. I do have yeast so I think I'll bake some yummy bread from a recipe my younger sister posted on our family's website. And I'm out of my medication (anti-anxiety stuff). Not a great thing to have happen. But I really don't want to go to the store. I grabbed taco bell on the way home from volunteering at the school this afternoon and am paying for it now. Ugh. Please someone tell me why I thought that would be a good idea.

Right now I'm making a menu suggestion list (I don't do well with actual plans). So far I have only two meals - tacos (I remembered that I had forgotten about them and taco bell is a poor, poor substitute) and fried chicken (Doug's choice).

And because I believe a blog entry should have a picture:

Doug worked really hard last weekend to get my garden ready for planting. I can put in peas and  beans and other items that don't mind a little cold. The rest will have to wait until Mothers' Day-ish. He was anticipating being out of town for two and a half weeks on a business trip only to have it cancelled because he got called for jury duty (but he's since been dismissed from that too).


Momma B said...

What a nightmare! The jury duty, no not really thing, I mean!

One "meal suggestion" might be chicken breast chopped up and put on soft taco shells with real bacon bits, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and light ranch dressing! Chicken bacon ranch wraps are wonderful! Just a suggestion!

Nancy said...

How exciting to have your garden plot ready for planting. I always get the itch to dig in the dirt this time of year, and I love to see the farmers in their fields, plowing or harrowing. Sigh!

Wool Winder said...

I can relate to not wanting to go to the store. I often put if off until we're out of something we just can do without.

Ellen said...

LOL ! I love your title....yadda yadda yadda on the rest, and no soup for you! Love ya'!

gracielynn's said...

Found you through your boyfriend hat pattern.
Hey, totally understand the (anti-anxiety stuff). I was on Lexapro for over a year. I started it after my hister. Boy when I needed it I REALLY NEEDED it ! :-)
In the last month I have weened myself off of it. Now the hot flashes are back :-)
How is your garden doing then ?