Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas

Dear friends,
I hope Christmas has found you happy and well, as it has us. For the most part. (Mikay had her tonsils out last week, so I'm not sure how happy or well she's feeling.)

looking at the lights in ogden a couple of nights ago

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lucky 13

Thirteen things I love about Mikay

1. She plays the oboe.
2. She's a "friend for babies," and she always has been.
3. She is sarcastic in a funny way.
4. Even though she has been sick most of this school year, she still managed to land herself on the honor roll.
4. She is happy.
5. She chooses her friends well.
6. Her smile.
7. Mikay genuinely cares about people.
8. She is dedicated - to her family, to her friends, to her schoolwork, and to God.
9. I can ground her for the rest of her life, and she doesn't mind (little does she know, I plan on enforcing that one because I never want her to leave!).
10. She is well-rounded.
11. She is kind.
12. She's my kid.


13. I get to be her mom.


(or Mikaela Sharon, whichever)

Monday, December 12, 2011

are you kidding me, yahoo?

Yahoo has an article up right now with a picture of this mixer claiming it is among the gifts men should not give their women. Seriously? Personally, I would die for this mixer. Well, perhaps die is a little dramatic. At any rate, who wouldn't adore this yummy, yellow mixer?

Dear Doug,
Please don't take yahoo's advice. Also, I would like a new crock pot.
I've been good(ish).

Thursday, December 08, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Spot

The cookie cutters belonged to my mom when she was a child. This is their third (or so) year sitting atop the shadowbox frame in the corner of my kitchen. The towel is new this season. Well. New-ish. I made it for my parents when I was in the fourth grade. My mom gave it to me last year.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a tradition

This year's theme: The 12 Days of Christmas

It is now a tradition. I can think of a million other traditions I would rather have involving our Lucy, birthday-party sleepovers, matching swimming suits with Tessa, crazy cousin games at Nanny & PopPop's house.

All of those traditions would mean we would still have our girl. It struck me today, as we decorated Lucy's 8th tree for the Festival of Trees, we would not have one of our most treasured holiday traditions if we still had her.

I do dearly love the festival, but I would trade it all to have that beautiful child here. Every single tree, every single scone, every single speck of glitter.

Oh, I miss my sister's daughter.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I've shared this poem before, I know. But, I love it. I've been listening to my 12-year-old practice committing it to memory all week. "Thanksgiving Feasts" has been recited at my family's Thanksgiving table for longer than I have been alive.

Oh, and meet Tom. He's for my mama.

Thanksgiving Feasts
author unknown

“Thanksgiving feasts,” O’Hara said,
“Thanksgivings like this here
Ain’t nothin’ to the one I et
In Wardleburg one year.
The Champeen eaters all were there,
Slack-stomached for the feast,
And we agreed the ones to pay
Were those who ate the least.
Ol’ Haskins, up Frog Holler way,
And Uncle Pelig Coon,
And Moses Hitt across the creek,
And Bill, and Doc M’Goon,
While several others I can’t name,
All trained and gaunted down,
Sat stroppin’ knives upon their boots,
While hundreds gathered ‘round
To see the champeen eatin’ race,
And when the judge yelled, ‘Go,’
We started in deliberate
Devourin’ vittles slow.
First came a chicken pie apiece
With mushrooms sprinkled in,
And then we had a quart of squash,
Six ‘taters, and a tin
Of pipin’ biscuits, buttered hot
With jam an’ apple jel,
And pickled beets and celery –
‘Twas here that Pelig fell.
While several others looked quite faint
Yet feebly carried on,
But when we reached the turkey course
The most of them were gone.
Each had an eight-pound turkey
Stuffed with nuts and sage and things,
I hadn't hardly et a half
‘Fore Bill and Haskins rings
Their curtains down and drags away
Upon their hands and knees.
That left just three, just Doc M’Goon
An’ me an’ Adam Peas.
The doctor started, but he then
Fell over in his chair.
But me and Adam, we ate ours
And split the doctor’s share.
But that fixed Adam, mournfully
He realized his fate,
His middle swelled so mightily
He couldn’t reach his plate.
I cleaned the board, and then I rose,
Disgusted with the bunch.
I wandered to the pantry
Where I fixed myself some lunch!”

Happy Thanksgiving!

edit: my sister Sarah declared his name to actually be Corky the Torkey.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Real Artist

So, my best friend from second grade only lived in Utah for one year. Her dad was here working; they were from New York. Her name was Annie. She and I bonded over identical Miss Piggy lunch boxes. It was some sort of sign.

Although we exchanged addresses and promised to write, we were, unfortunately, only eight-years-old (read: not very good at keeping in touch). Years later, after the Internet invaded our home, I would look her up online from time to time. But, I never found anything.

Enter Facebook.

Oh, so terrible in many ways, but for one thing I will forever be grateful. Through Facebook, I found Annie again. We've picked up our friendship as if time never elapsed.

Always creative, Annie has stayed true to her nature. She's a wonderful artist. Earlier this year she sent me a personalized piece. Can you believe that? Art made just for me? Like, about me?

It is personal in many ways. There is a picture of the lunchbox. There is a picture of my dog. There is the jacket to one of my all-time favorite books. There are pictures of the actors in my favorite shows and movies. There is a crochet monster and a sock monkey. I like to think, though I do not know for sure, that the two women in the bottom right corner represent her and me, out having a fabulous time in NYC. Someday...

Annie has also sent many things for my children, things they love. We decided to send her a package back. For it, Tessa painted some pictures. Tessa was really proud of her work, and asked if I thought Annie would like them. And if Annie did, maybe she'd declare Tessa a "real artist," just like herself.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

in the future

I made a lion for a friend who had a baby. Then I decided to make a blanket to match. It can't be too hard to find cute lion flannel, can it? Uh. Think again.

I looked at a few too many stores (oh, I don't love shopping), and spent more than I wanted to, but in the end, I think it turned out well. Next time, I'll find cute flannel then make a toy to match.

I hope he's happy in his new home.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


The school issued netbooks for 7th and 8th graders (not really sure why 9th graders were not included, seems a bit backwards to give them only to the younger kids, but whatever). So, for my 7th grader, I made a bag like the iPad bag and the small bag made to be like the iPad bag.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

a small bag

I had a friend of mine email and ask if I could make her a bag for her iPad. She sent a picture of one she had seen and loved. So I made one, based on the picture. I borrowed an iPad to test it out, and I took a few pics. However, those pictures turned out blurry. Bummer.

Another friend of mine saw what I was working on and fell in love. She said she wished she had an iPad. I decided to make her a bag in the same pattern. It's a little larger and, because I don't ever do any two things the same, the handle is slightly different. Also, because this one is a purse-ish bag, I lined it with a remnant I got at Hobby Lobby. I love it and so did Suzanne. (at least she said she did!)

Now I'm working on another similar bag for my daughter's laptop, which she has to have for school every day.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wool socks in August

I know, perfect season for wool socks, huh? Oh well. I started these forever ago. They are for a friend. I can't believe it took me so long to knit them. Soon (hopefully Tuesday) they'll be stuffed in an envelope and on their way to an exciting new life.

I used my favorite sock (non)pattern. It is pretty much the same as the ones I would make for Tessa when she was a little thing, only bigger. C/O 60 stitches over four needles (I think I used size 2 needles for these), K3 P2 rib for as long as I want to make it, heel, continue K3 P2 across the top of the foot until sock measures 8 inches from the edge of the heel, decrease toe & finish. Easy-peasy.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

seven years

For seven years, we have missed Lucy.

(the girls found this little bug during our visit to a botanical garden in nashville, tennessee)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


this pic was taken at her 100th bday party in 2009

Yesterday we went to the funeral for the very best neighbor we've ever had. She was 102-years-old. She was wonderful and kind. Gentle and caring. Thoughtful and sweet. We only knew her for the last 10 years of her life. When we moved in she was still taking care of her yard (minus the mowing). She would make treats for the girls every Christmas. She would sit outside in the summer, just to watch them play. She worried and prayed when Tessa was sick just after birth. She had a couple of falling accidents that took their toll. Her family began taking shifts to care for her, at first during the days, and then 24 hrs as it became needed. We became close to them as well.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Jones. We loved you.

One night last month as I was putting Tessa to bed she told me, "Mom, the Bible says if you obey your mom and dad you'll live a long and happy life. Well, I think Mrs. Jones must've been very good at that."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Less than a week before her 8th birthday...

My little girl decided to jump from the top bunk bed. It didn't work out well for her. Birthday plans of a trail ride with dad and a new bike will have to wait. For now, she's playing wii and making up her own algebra equations on her dry-erase board.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

bugs in a bag

I have two daughters with birthdays in July. One is turning 11. The other, my baby, eight. Seriously, where has all of the time gone? Thankfully my Tessa still likes little girl things. So, for her approaching birthday I made these:

Five little finger puppet friends, a butterfly, a bumble bee,
a blue bird, a daisy and, of course, a ladybug.

Tessa has always had such an amazing imagination. My mom jokes that if Tessa is playing in the other room, there's no way to be sure if she's alone or having a party.

She also has a wonderfully tender heart. Often she talks to me about Lucy and how she wishes her cousin were here on Earth with us. No bug collection is complete without our ladybug.

I was going to make just a plain old bag for the bugs,
but then I had the idea to make a tree.

I can't wait for T's birthday.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Dry Spell

A blogging dry-spell. Like everyone else, the end of the school year is crazy busy around here. Add to that our trip to the South in the middle of May. It was amazing. Mikay was awarded a trip to Space Camp by her school teacher. She had the best time ever. If the beds had been a little more comfortable and the rooms a little warmer, we probably would not have been able to get her to come home.

Tess, Mikay & Suzy at Space Camp in Huntsville, AL

While Mikay was exploring the depths of space and the surface of the moon, the rest of us stayed in Nashville, Tennessee and had an amazing time. We spent time with cousins, hung out at a children's museum, visited the Grand Ole Opry and the General Jackson.

Doug and our remaining girls outside the Opry.

We made friends at our hotel who were visiting the US from Switzerland and also had a seven-year-old girl. And went to the botanical gardens with some friends who live in Nashville.

The glass bridge at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.

Although I very much loved our time in the South (the green everywhere is amazing!), after returning home I found did not miss the cicadas. Or the threat of tornados.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Mesh Bag

I'm not really all that green. I know, controversial. I do what I can, but I don't go very far out of my way (hey, gas is expensive). We reuse, but we've been doing that since before it was cool. We shop at thrift stores & yard sales, and have for a very long time.

(See my pup in the background? Isn't he a cutie?)

Reusable shopping bags are not something I've ever bought. I try to avoid purchasing things made outside the USA. I like to support our economy. All of the ones I've looked at have come from elsewhere. But. I dreamed up a bag that was not only made right here in the good ol' US of A, but right in my very own state, town, and home. With yarn I already had.

Originally I had thought it would be more of a swimming bag or a gym bag or something like that. And it still could be. But I think it also kind of lends itself to groceries. It can hold the same amount as a plastic grocery bag.

I made a single crochet pocket at the top for keys or change (though I didn't line it, therefore very small items could fall out). The strap is pretty thick and comfortable to carry. I really like this and hope that I can remember how I did it once I have time again (will that ever happen? It isn't looking very promising).

Sunday, May 01, 2011

flip-flop socks

I made these for a friend. I think I need to make some for me. They were very simple, I c/o 60 stitches on size 2 needles. I knit in a k3 p2 rib for three inches. At that point I ran a piece of yarn through the last 20 stitches to save for later and continued around the remaining 40 for five rows. I like to bind off (loosely!) alternating knit and purl (that makes the last row on top instead of the side, and I like that look better). Next I put the 20 st from before back on needles and knit them for five rows using the same binding off technique.

Make some. Be happy. Flip-flops can now be worn in April & May when we're not sure if it's going to be warm and sunny or cold(ish) and snowy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

what college is teaching me

(Have I mentioned I'm back in school?)

I have now have a well defined sense of right & wrong. I am right, everyone else is wrong.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Pooping Bird

At the request of my cousin/sister (technically my cousin, but love her like my sister), I've made a pooping bird of some sort. Our grandma made pooping chickens. If I could find the one she made that my cousin sent me, I would post it. Although I find the concept somewhat unsettling, I've made one for her and it only took 3 years of her asking for me to do it.

(Sorry this one is a little blurry. I didn't check my pic quality before sending her)

Untie the bow at the back and watch her go! (yuck) Just in time for Easter. Now if it would only stop snowing/raining.

Oh by the way, those are jelly beans.

Friday, March 18, 2011

lil baby hats

There are a lot of girls in the other room, playing wii dance party. Or something like that. I'm hiding in here, thought I'd blog the hats I made yesterday. I didn't really use a pattern, but I did google how to crochet a rib. I liked it!



Saturday, March 12, 2011


My daughter was invited to the birthday party for a little girl she babysits. We went to Target for a small baby doll. I learned my lesson making these beds last fall, always buy the doll first. I made several but couldn't find babies small enough to fit, never mind that we had a million that size when my girls were small(er).

I based this on little doll bed purses I bought for my daughters at a craft fair before Easter many years ago. I know the concept is an old one. When I showed this to a good friend of mine she started gushing at the memory of her own doll bed when she was young.

(the blanket is a separate piece)