Thursday, July 07, 2011

bugs in a bag

I have two daughters with birthdays in July. One is turning 11. The other, my baby, eight. Seriously, where has all of the time gone? Thankfully my Tessa still likes little girl things. So, for her approaching birthday I made these:

Five little finger puppet friends, a butterfly, a bumble bee,
a blue bird, a daisy and, of course, a ladybug.

Tessa has always had such an amazing imagination. My mom jokes that if Tessa is playing in the other room, there's no way to be sure if she's alone or having a party.

She also has a wonderfully tender heart. Often she talks to me about Lucy and how she wishes her cousin were here on Earth with us. No bug collection is complete without our ladybug.

I was going to make just a plain old bag for the bugs,
but then I had the idea to make a tree.

I can't wait for T's birthday.


Melanie said...

I want some. :) Cute.

Nancy said...

How precious! These would be hot sellers at a craft show.

Happy Birthday to your girls.

Montana Wildflower said...