Tuesday, January 25, 2011

to go

I don't love every item I ever make. In fact, I'm pretty picky about the ones I even like. So to have a set about which I love nearly every piece, well, that's pretty amazing! Here is such a set:

The only one I don't love is the ice cream, but even that I don't hate. I do love the box, I got it at a craft store. I love the hamburger parts.

I love how the fries are all individual and can be taken out of the bag. I love the apple slices and their little seeds. I love the juice box with the picture on front & a straw sticking up from the top.

All of these items are firsts for me. I wanted to make things I've never made before because this set will be included in a baby-sitting tote that my girls will take with them to their new jobs & one of the kids already has one of my typical food sets. This way there won't be any confusion.