Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Feasts

A favorite family tradition that began when my grandmother was young: reciting this poem (that her brother found somewhere, I believe in a magazine) when everyone is stuffed and can't possibly eat another bite. This year we had most of the kids who were present read (or pretend to read) it from the stage of the cultural hall in the church we had to borrow so our whole fam damily could fit in one place (or most anyway, sadly we were missing a sister, her family, and a sister-in-law).

Thanksgiving Feasts
author unknown

“Thanksgiving feasts,” O’Hara said,
“Thanksgivings like this here
Ain’t nothin’ to the one I et
In Wardleburg one year.
The Champeen eaters all were there,
Slack-stomached for the feast,
And we agreed the ones to pay
Were those who ate the least.
Ol’ Haskins, up Frog Holler way,
And Uncle Pelig Coon,
And Moses Hitt across the creek,
And Bill, and Doc M’Goon,
While several others I can’t name,
All trained and gaunted down,
Sat stroppin’ knives upon their boots,
While hundreds gathered ‘round
To see the champeen eatin’ race,
And when the judge yelled, ‘Go,’
We started in deliberate
Devourin’ vittles slow.
First came a chicken pie apiece
With mushrooms sprinkled in,
And then we had a quart of squash,
Six ‘taters, and a tin
Of pipin’ biscuits, buttered hot
With jam an’ apple jel,
And pickled beets and celery –
‘Twas here that Pelig fell.
While several others looked quite faint
Yet feebly carried on,
But when we reached the turkey course
The most of them were gone.
Each had an eight-pound turkey
Stuffed with nuts and sage and things,
I hadn’t hardly et a half
‘Fore Bill and Haskins rings
Their curtains down and drags away
Upon their hands and knees.
That left just three, just Doc M’Goon
An’ me an’ Adam Peas.
The doctor started, but he then
Fell over in his chair.
But me and Adam, we ate ours
And split the doctor’s share.
But that fixed Adam, mournfully
He realized his fate,
His middle swelled so mightily
He couldn’t reach his plate.
I cleaned the board, and then I rose,
Disgusted with the bunch.
I wandered to the pantry
Where I fixed myself some lunch!”


Wool Winder said...

It's neat that you were all together (except a few). I enjoyed the poem.

Nancy said...

Isn't it fun to have a large family gathering!

I'm sure the adults were softly repeating the poem (remembering their own childhood) while the children were performing.

Cassie said...

I in awe that you have to have t-day dinner in a hall because you have so many relatives!

Sharon said...

YEs So Awesome!!!!

Snot Head said...

Awww, that is heartwarming. I wish my family had a tradition besides "eat and run." haha We normally have about 20 people, too, every year, but we only seem to be together for two or three hours before everyone disperses.

Jen said...

My girls were asking what yours did on Thanksgiving. I'll show them tomorrow. :) That's a great tradition. (someday we will have to get a room like that for family feasts. LOL)