Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's getting to be that time of year

(the cold time, that is) recent weather appropriate creations:

A very simple double crochet with the ends folded up and sewn in place to make pockets. I used up some stash acrylic yarn. Modeled by my little T.

The Boyfriend Hat knit on 7's (I didn't have 8's like the pattern called for) using Caron Simply Soft. One might (but also might not) notice I don't knit much with wools - they tend to hurt my fingers.

Modeled by Birdie.


Wool Winder said...

I like knitting with size 7 on worsted weight better anyway. Both the scarf and the hat turned out great. I made that hat for my husband last year. Love the decreases.

Kim in MI said...

I like the scarf! I made some mitten-scarf combo once. The pocket ones look faster :-) and the color is like those orange push-up popsicles I loved as a child ... :)

Tell me your Birdie doesn't have a boyfriend for that boyfriend hat, though! ;-) She's too young!

Ellen Stanclift said...

Marcia, Oh, my goodness !!! That's the coolest scarf I've ever seen. Do you ever make them shawl sized with mitts ?

Momma B said...

These things look GREAT! I wish I was even close to your league!!!

I started my attempt last Saturday. I made a scarf for A that is sooooo tight that it curls like a pig's tail! I also made one that is plain garbage, because it is so tight and goofy and finally yesterday I got a good, semi-loose chain started, so we will see what happens with it! I am just wound tight!

Jen said...

I love them both! I prefer crochet scarves. They get done much faster. I am knitting mittens again. LOL! I got the brown pair done now I'm working on a tan wool pair. One is for the match. =)

knitalittle said...

Love the hat!!!! It feels like fall.

Alison Boon said...

Cute scarf

Ellen Stanclift said...

Marcia, somehow I lost your note to me. Shawls are my passion right now. I'm lucky my mom sent me her warmer ones (she doesn't need them in Arizona). I can wear the same outfit with different shawls or scarves, and people think it's all new. ;-)

My own knitting resembles pre-kindergarten work. Somehow I manage to vary the thickness so much that, what starts out as a shawl becomes a scarf---or vise-versa. I've given up.