Friday, November 14, 2008

8 things

So I was tagged by my sister, Sarah. (The good thing about this is that because her blog is private, I get to use a similar idea for the picture and copy some of her answers and most people would never know. So pretend I didn't just tell you and that I don't confess after each plagiarized answer. I'd appreciate it.)

8 TV shows I watch (mostly on hulu or dvd):
1. The Office
2. Arrested Development
3. Boston Legal
4. The Practice
5. Bones
6. Monk
7. What Not to Wear (with Mom)
8. ? I forget what else.

8 of My Favorite Restaurants (we don’t eat out much):
1. Rumbi’s
2. Training Table (memories!)
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?
7. ?
8. ?

8 Things that happened Yesterday
1. volunteered at the school (that’s always fun!)
2. finished crocheting a scarf
3. took Mikay to dance/singing group
4. ran the dishwasher (it’s about time!)
5. played a tetris-like game
6. vacuumed the living room
7. watched two old episodes of picket fences
8. listened to christmas music in the car

8 Things I am looking forward to
1. seeing JR at thanksgiving
2. seeing Jen & co at thanksgiving
3. I suppose just thanksgiving in general
4. seeing Joey & co at christmas
5. next girls’ lunch
6. watching the new office todoay on hulu
7. the next time I get to hold a baby
8. the day I find Dan in Real Life at a red box (I keep looking and the internet has been lying to me)

8 things on my wishlist:
1. a cure for systemic sclerosis (and a way to reverse the effects)
2. Jen to move back here. Now.
3. a gyro
4. For us to become independently wealthy (good one, Sar)
5. new carpet in the living room
6. peace of mind
7. properly working kitchen sink
8. Vacation to New York

8 Things I love:
1. the girls
2. that husband
3. a big, crazy family
4. chai
5. having a few good friends
6. grilled peppers stuffed with cream cheese
7. my new (to me) car (actually it’s a van, who would have thought I’d love a van? but I do)
8. jammies

8 things I can't stand:

1. when people chew with their mouth open
2. bickering
3. the fact that I never seem to be able to keep my desk clean
4. most cartoons (though I do like Arthur, go figure)
5. disorganization and the fact that I can’t figure out how to be organized
6. Headaches (copying Sarah)
7. Seeing a child in pain (copying Sarah)
8. Seafood (copying Sarah. it’s wrong - seafood - huh? ew)

8 People I am tagging:
1. blessed family
2. eye’m all puckered up!
3. inca’s sewing blog
4. keepin’ up with the jones’
5. my crazy kids
6. out of the basket
7. preppie yogini
8. tami


Momma B said...

This is going to take some time, so you will have to look on my blog page to find the answers! Sorry! But, I must say, I hate seafood! If it swims, it should not be eaten!!! Disorganization by virtue of children drives me crazy! My kids have a great system. It goes like this, come in, put all of their stuff in a pile, throw shoes close to where they go, unpack bookbags on top of the other stuff they already put down and then just run off begging for snacks all the way to the kitchen!

K, think I can get on with life now, maybe?

Tami said...

I won't tell Joseph that you were listening to Christmas music already. He would be very dissapointed.
love the lists.

Snot Head said...

Hey, I really don't want to burst your bubble because I loooove the Office, but Dan in Real =Life was sort of slow for me. I thought there would be more humor because of the guy from the Office and Dane cook, but it really wasn't. I hope to see what you think about it when you do finally find it. :)

Sarah said...

OK, erase any--no all--of my answers for the wish list one and fill them in with your first answer.

Ellen Stanclift said...

Okay---I have to copy this...may I ???? Pretty please ???