Monday, November 24, 2008


addendum to my previous post:

a list of things that an aunt (this aunt) can't resist

a baby leaping from his mother to her
refusing to be fed by mama, but only wanting auntie
paci in mouth, snuggling up and holding her hair
crying when auntie leaves the room
walking unstable steps just to get to her
chubby cheeks, arms, tummy, legs, feet (yes, even feet!)
wanting each bite of food blown on to reduce the temperature (yogurt included)
fake, forced laughs from a one-year-old
real laughs from a one-year-old
the dimple in his cheek
the baby in general


Wool Winder said...

Sweet things, all of them. Of course, you can't resit!

Snot Head said...

You know, I had wondered if when I started having my own children, if I would still be as obsessed with my sister's kids. I think you have proven I have nothing to worry about. :) I'm sure they will still get all the attention they deserve.

Momma B said...

Baby kissies and real laughs are the best! Giggles exchanged between an almost 11 month old and a 2 year old are really hilarious!

Momma B said...

Hey, Meeeeema has only one dimple. Is that what you mean? He only has one? That would be something! I think that is pretty rare.

Jen said...

AAAwwww...too sweet.

Sharon said...

That is precious!