Tuesday, November 18, 2008

High School Musical

A few weeks ago (or has it been a month now?) I took my daughters and a couple of their friends to a fund-raising carnival that was being held at East High School. And the theme (I expect those of you with daughters between the ages of 9 and 13 to be able to guess this) was, of course, High School Musical. They were in heaven. No, there weren't any famous actors present, but a lot of the student body had been extras in the movie, including the cheerleader who painted "I love Troy" on the girls' cheeks. That was good enough for them.

My older daughters claimed to have found Sharpay's two lockers (I am unclear as to why she had two, but that is what they said). And, to my surprise, we bumped into my niece at the school. She said she's a student at East now (WHAT? When did she get that old? Wasn't it just last week she turned 8?). As far as my daughters are concerned, their cousin is as good as a celebrity now.

My favorite picture of the evening (my camera, unfortunately, had somehow been switched to a funky setting so most of my pictures didn't turn out) was taken from the parking lot across the street and up a little hill from the school. My girls have ridden by East numerous times but their friends didn't even realize we live so close to their favorite high school.

We haven't seen the new movie yet, we're waiting for it to come out on video (or rather, DVD).


Wool Winder said...

So, I'm gathering that the new movie (and maybe the previous ones) were filmed at this school? Cool!

Momma B said...

It has to be the coolest thing ever to have been on the "set" of their favorite movie(s)!

knitalittle said...

Something to remember.

Ellen Stanclift said...

Love the photo of the girls with the sunset....future high schoolers ! Those days will be here before you know it. Very exciting that you live so close to the school too !

Tami said...

I can't believe you let your kids go to that school. WEST HIGH RULES!

-It really sounds cool, and I wish that my little girl (eventhough she isn't nearly 9-11) could have gone too.

Sharon said...

What a great pic. It goes too fast!! How neat for their scrapbooks!!!!