Saturday, March 12, 2011


My daughter was invited to the birthday party for a little girl she babysits. We went to Target for a small baby doll. I learned my lesson making these beds last fall, always buy the doll first. I made several but couldn't find babies small enough to fit, never mind that we had a million that size when my girls were small(er).

I based this on little doll bed purses I bought for my daughters at a craft fair before Easter many years ago. I know the concept is an old one. When I showed this to a good friend of mine she started gushing at the memory of her own doll bed when she was young.

(the blanket is a separate piece)


Nancy said...

A darling gift - one that will be treasured.

Jen said...

Oh! That is adorable! My Great-Grandma made these for us girls. One of the last things she made. I still have mine somewhere.