Monday, December 12, 2011

are you kidding me, yahoo?

Yahoo has an article up right now with a picture of this mixer claiming it is among the gifts men should not give their women. Seriously? Personally, I would die for this mixer. Well, perhaps die is a little dramatic. At any rate, who wouldn't adore this yummy, yellow mixer?

Dear Doug,
Please don't take yahoo's advice. Also, I would like a new crock pot.
I've been good(ish).


Anonymous said...

I know, right? Once I was standing in the check out line behind a couple and they were about to buy this really nice electric skillet that I was standing there envying. The fella says to his wife, "Hey, this would make a nice gift for you," and the look she gave him was like she was shooting daggers. I mean, she was clearly really ticked that he even said it!

At the time, I wanted to say, "Hey, why don't you dump this chick and hook up with me? I'd be happy for the skillet or any electrical appliance you might think up!!! I'll even help you with ideas!"

Renna said...

Shame on Yahoo! I got a red one last year for Christmas (totally unexpected, from my mom), and I think windows shattered at the sound of my squeals. I'd have squealed just as excitedly if it had been yellow, too. Silly, silly yahoo!