Friday, February 01, 2008

Socks for Tess

I have in my house a very happy four-year-old (and enough yarn for at least another pair). I'm not sure what brand this yarn is (because I lost the label), but it was sent to me by Mama Bear. The pattern I used was simple enough. I cast 15 stitches onto each of 3 US size 2 needles. I knit in a k2 p1 rib for three and a half inches. At that point I worked a 2 inch heel flap over 22 stitches. I did my favorite heel, s1 k1; turn s1 p across. I turned the heel leaving 8 stitches in the middle then picked up 12 stitches along each side and continued the rib along the top of the sock. For the gusset I decreased to 11 stitches per side needle (needles 1&3) while 23 stitches remain on the top. Tess has a size 11 foot (in what? toddler? I think) for her length I knit until the sock measured 6 inches from the heel. I decreased for the toe until I had 13 stitches on the top needle and 6 on the other two then finished up with the kitchener stitch. Volia!


kim in mi said...

ooh, I like that yarn! very cute socks.

do your kids wear holes in them really fast? I have 2 pairs of socks waiting for me to figure out how to fix holes before they outgrow them.

how long does it take you - obviously not more than 2 days - to knit up a pair of little kid socks?

Jen said...

Kid socks are fast! I like knitting kids socks, but my girls don't give a hoot.
I'm with Tessa on not wairing store bought socks. I can't stand them either. I like the striping pattern.