Thursday, April 01, 2010

simple banner tutorial

I got the idea to make this from my clever and crafty sister. She had made one, but because I didn't take a picture of hers, I just had to sort of guess how to do it. Not too complicated though.

Because I'm all about what's easy, I cut fabric squares that were 8.5 inches (so I could just use a piece of printer paper for my pattern).

Simple enough. I cut my paper into a square, folded it in half and made the triangle edges meet in the middle. For the cut, I lined up the edge of the ruler with the pattern. (did you notice I didn't cut this piece of fabric into a square first? Oops)

And then I cut the other side. My original plan was to make 16 triangle wedges in four different patterns. But in the end I made 20 because I liked another pattern so much I couldn't leave it out.

I wanted the fronts and backs to be different, so I could have options in decorating. One side is more fun (my favorite), the other more formal. I lined the center of each triangle with white cotton, hoping to keep the opposite pattern from being seen through the others. Worked on some, but not all.

Because it is unnecessary to sew all three edges, I didn't. I left the short side undone. It will be in the binding anyway.

After I finished sewing the triangles, I joined them all together using 2 packages of double fold bias tape across the tops.

It really could not have been more simple. And what a great use for my remnants!

Oh now I remember, I wasn't going to post this until I could get to the craft store for more felt to cut out letters for such phrases as, "Happy birthday" "Congratulations" "Welcome" and "No belly rubbin'!" that can be attached using small pins. Oh well.

I want to have a party.


Nancy said...

What fun! These can be used over and over again. They would be fun at a patio party, too.

Momma B said...

Marcia, it looks like you have been dreaming up all kinds of neat things to do, lately!

Sarah said...

WAY more professionalistic (like my new word?) than mine!

Cassie said...

You amaze me

Jen said...

I am NOT going to show my girls this one. They'll be begging me for years to make one. LOL You rock!

Dace said...

Holy Freaking Cow I have a talented cousin! Those are awesome!

Snot Head said...

Woohoo! Very Cute!