Thursday, April 15, 2010

In One Hour

In one hour, it will be Lucy's birthday.
I imagine we would have told her at lunch today to enjoy her last day of being five.
I imagine she'd be giddy with excitement, pigtails dancing as she skipped up Nanny's walk.
In one hour, my sister will face the 6th anniversary of her only daughter's birth.
It will be the 6th time she's done it without Lucy.
No candles will be blown out by our little girl.
No wishes made.
No "Heavy, heavy hangs over..."
There will be no Lucy.
It breaks my heart.
So much time has gone on since Lucy came and left.
So many babies born.
Cousins, brothers.
But still we miss her.
We'll always miss her.
Our Ladybug.

(Megan, June 2009)


Wool Winder said...

My thoughts and prayers are with all of Lucy's family and everyone who knew and loved her.

Louise Plummer said...

We do miss her.

Jen said...

Happy birthday, Lucy.