Thursday, August 21, 2008

Window on the Wall

(completely cheesy alternate title: Windows of Opportunity)

I first saw a window used for wall art at my very fashionable, youngest sister's house. I think she said she and her husband had seen it at a parade of homes. Immediately I fell in love with the idea and remembered the windows that had been in the garage when we moved in this house. One of those windows ended up above the piano in our living room. (picture above)

When we redecorated my mom's kitchen (well, unfortunately less me and mostly my siblings. I would have liked to have been of more help but, alas, I wasn't) Mom used an old window from their house on the wall above the table (above picture). One afternoon my sister and I (or perhaps sisters - I can't remember) were charged with the task of looking through the stack of windows to find the best one. We did and I called dibs on the other nice one (because we all know how binding dibs are). That is the one I used over my stairs (below picture).

I purchased a small, rectangular box at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon, a bunch of artificial flowers for half off and using some styrofoam that came in a box of something my husband had ordered, I made a window box to hang beneath the window. Because it is the outside (with the flowers) I hung a small curtain from the side that is against the wall. My mom used an old rice sack from her grandmother's house for a curtain on her window.


Wool Winder said...

Your home is so cozy and inviting. Makes me want to revamp my existing decor. Don't think I have any spare window frames though.

Kim said...

I love those! I'll have to use one of my old windows, if I can, somewhere. I think that's really neat! Thanks for posting it for me, and alerting me to your post. I'm sorry I've gotten really behind in my blog reading. I blame the school year. :)

So they still have the glass in?! I guess i assumed they were glass-free. Hhhmm. Do you worry about it being broken?