Monday, August 18, 2008

I made some curtains

Earlier this year I started redecorating just about everything I touched. As the weather warmed up, I started moving outdoors which, unfortunately, left some things undone (I say: waiting for this fall/winter when it's too cold to play in the garden). The completed tasks, however, included some MUCH wanted rooms/spaces: my room, the stairway, the kitchen, upstairs bathroom. Nearly finished are the downstairs hall, laundry room, big girls' room. FAR from finished: the computer room & even further: the family room. Anyhow, so there are three windows on the stairs, one up high, one on the back door and one down on the stairs. I wasn't ever fond of those window coverings so I was excited for the chance to change them. I used fabric I've had forever along with fabric my friend Michelle has had forever and happily donated to the cause.

back door: before & after


above the stairs: before (ugly, boring and too long white shade) & after (taken at night, but it does let light into the basement - I like that. That was the only good thing about the old shade)


there is no before for this window, but it had only the white blinds that are still there. I like this curtain because I can open it to let in light, or close it (which it's been most of the summer) to keep out the heat. The stairs are MUCH cooler this year than they were last year. Yay!


Kim in MI said...

I like your curtains!! ... but can I request a picture and more info about the window frame and window box on the wall that's not really a window?

We just had some windows replaced, and I have 9 window screens in the basement that I should do something with ... did you make that?

Wool Winder said...

I like the way you combined the fabrics!