Sunday, September 14, 2008

Green River

I very much like visiting Green River, Wyoming. Not only do I find the scenery beautiful (although I didn't ever really think desert would be my thing, I do really like it there), but some of my favorite people live there too. Can't beat that combination!

Yesterday we walked along the green belt for a while,

(I couldn't resist photographing some of the wildflowers)

and went to a city kite flying celebration thing.

(my husband and my youngest)

(This is my second daughter, sadly her string wasn't tied tight enough for the Wyoming wind and shortly after I took this picture, it flew away. She was very upset about loosing her Sponge Bob kite.)

I'd move there if I could.


Ruth's Place said...

Thanks for sharing your pics, it looks like a fabulous place.

Cassie said...

You need to have a road trip up here. You could stay with me. Bring the kids. They'll have a great time here! I'll pamper you and spoil you. ;-)

Wool Winder said...

I love these pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I was afraid to fly my kite very high when I was a kid, because I was afraid it would fly away. I feel for your daughter.

Jen said...

Wow Wyoming is beautiful! Kite flying looks like fun.

Alison Boon said...

Pity about the kite. I wonder where it ended up? Looks like a great place to go and stay a while.

Momma B said...

I found your blog on Cassie's page and thought I would just have a look around. I must say that someone, must be you?, takes extraordinary pictures! And, your posts are really quite witty!