Tuesday, September 09, 2008

at the grocery store today

As is usually the case, I determined a trip to the supermarket was in order when I heard my husband's voice echo as he called out from in front of the fridge asking if there was anything at all to eat in this house.

I'm a bright girl, I can take a hint.

After picking Tessa and her little friend up from kindergarten, we headed off to Smith's because they give me a discount on gas for grocery shopping at their store. On top of the gas discount (up to 15 cents a gallon), they also have fantastic Manager Specials, which I think is a fancy way of saying something is about to expire and it needs to be sold today (or yesterday). Feeding six people equals a lot of food, so we typically use stuff up quickly. I am not often scared away by "use by" dates looming in the very near future.

Today in the Manager Specials area of the dairy section I found a half gallon of organic milk for only one dollar and we are still literally days away from the September 12th date stamped across the top (grief, it's almost gone just after dinner tonight!). Sitting on the shelf next to the milk I beheld a puzzling sight: Fat Free Half & Half. I'm perplexed by this concept. Exactly what are the two halves if not almost completely fat-full? I thought that was the point. How could half and half taste like half and half if it has no fat? And again, what are the two halves? I am confused. I am disturbed. But most of all I am certain I will never, ever try it.


Alison Boon said...

Math was never my strong point so I'm not even going to try and solve that one. Such cute little buddies in the previous post.

Wool Winder said...

I've read the label and I think (don't know if I'm remembering correctly) it's just non-fat milk with some sweetener and other stuff added. I didn't buy it.

Kim said...

Oh, I'm sure I'll look like a doofus for saying this, but sometimes I use fat free half-and-half. I figure it must be half unhealthy creamy-ish something and half magic goo. I wouldn't consider it a whole food or a health food. But it's on par with non-dairy-creamer, which I also buy. But don't try to justify. It doesn't fit in at all with what I consider healthy food.

Jen said...

LOL! Seems like a silly thing to sell to me. What's the point? I say if you're gunna use it, use the real stuff.

Sarah said...

I've used it... but it was a while ago. I don't remember what exactly was in it. I used it in a corn chowder recipe, and the chowder tasted mighty fine! I think they add carageenan--which is something added to some skim milks to make them creamier.