Friday, January 02, 2009

we don't need no stinkin' resolutions

simple resolutions:
1. eat less food
2. drink more water

and since I'm thinking about food...

we had a fabulous NYE dinner.
My sister is an amazing cook, and she cooked
we had ribs and turkey
twice baked new potatoes

a shrimp plate (not my thing, but Doug, my mom & brother in law liked it)
cheese bowl (similar to cheese ball, but made at the last minute)
the best veggie salad I've ever had

dessert for the kids, rice krispies made with cocoa and regular (I did peel the kisses!)

for the rest o' us, a pie made with brownie mix and cream cheese. Mmmm

Then for New Year's breakfast, we had an egg, bacon & hash brown casserole

and I made our traditional NYD breakfast food, aebleskivers

Which brings me back to the need for my first resolution.


Tami said...

looks like lots and lots of fun. I'm sure your party was much more fun than my plane ride. you always know it'll be a good party when Jen's the cook. Happy New Year!

TulipGirl said...

Oooh! Those pictures look soooooo yummy!

Ellen Stanclift said...

YUM-O ! How can one ever diet when food is so delicious ?

Sarah said...

Pictures of the food? Come on! Just keep twisting and turning that knife. Twisting and turning.

We had potstickers from Costco. Then, later, Baked Lays, chocolate, popcorn, and of course sparkling cider. The great food mixed with getting up a gazillion times in the night with the sickie, I had tons-o-energy the next day. For reals.

Happy new year, anyway!

Momma B said...

You guys are amazing with the cooking thing, huh!?! Jeez, we had lasagna and I thought that was a delicious idea! I made it with 2% milk fat cheese and whole grain noodles, so as to feel better about eating it! Good thing too! I had to eat it for my next three meals! I might have made a bit more than we needed!

Less food! Less FOOD! LESS FOOD! HA! Yep, me too! HA! Giggle just thinking that I have to get myself to believe that! Good idea anyway!

Wool Winder said...

Now I'm hungry--it all looks so good!

Jen said...

That all looks so good. You have such a great family!

Anonymous said...

One must post some recipes instead of teasing us with such delish pictures ;)

knitalittle said...

Yummmmmm you wouldn't know it but I just had breakfast. Can you hear my stomach. Looks like you had some great food.

Jenny said...

I'm re-living it all right now. It was pretty amazing wasn't it? No wonder we sat around ALL DAY on NY! And no wonder the gym was packed today!