Saturday, January 31, 2009


While Doug was out of town early this month I started what was supposed to be a quick and easy project. My second daughter, Mikay, has some white gloves with a shiny, fuzzy cuff. Tessa coveted the gloves very much and Mikay would never indulge her youngest sister and let her wear them to school (she likely wanted to show off for her 'boyfriend' Tyler).

So one day Tess and I went to Walmart (not my favorite store, but *sigh* I do buy a few things there from time to time) where we couldn't find any white fuzzy gloves but we did find white stretch gloves and some fake white fur. To make her gloves a little extra special, we also bought some gold edging to go along the tops (but it doesn't show in the picture).

I started the project expecting to finish quickly. But. The thread got a knot in it so, of course, I got mad, put it down and left it. Until today when the guilt of not finishing anything got the best of me. So I finished the gloves. And now I have a very happy little girl who can look super-fancy for Tyler and, a new favorite boy, Mario.


Nancy said...

I put things aside when I run into snags, too.

Your daughter will turn all the boys' eyes with her special gloves. ;0)

Snot Head said...

Aww! What cute gloves. I love the orange. It adds a zest to the gloves...hahaha I kill myself...lame. I know. That's cute that she has a favorite boy. ;) Congrats on finishing!

Alison Boon said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one who has o leav things a while if they don't go smoothly. You did a great job in the end.

Wool Winder said...

She must feel special in her fancy gloves.

Jen said... sweet. I hope Tyler loves her gloves.

Momma B said...

Again, who woulda thunk it, the littlest one is the boy charmer?!