Saturday, December 06, 2008

pie: an original recipe

From the play kitchen of Tessa

The other day she asked if she could dictate something to me while I wrote it down. Sure, I don't mind. We do this often. Usually it's one of her many books, though typically she simply wants me to spell roughly 9,000 words for her while she writes them down, sometimes her little five-year-old hand gets tired from so much writing and she asks me to write for her. This day it was a recipe. For pie. I will copy it here for you so that you, too, may recreate this masterpiece for yourselves:

3 c. dirt
2 c. water
4 c. grass
6 c. sun

Let sit in sun for six minutes. Serve.


Nancy said...

Making mud pies was one of my favorite childhood activities. Thanks for helping me remember those carefree days.

Wool Winder said...

Now where did I put that 6 cups of sun? I love the creativity of children!

Blessed Family said...

Sounds delicious!

Momma B said...

Tessa, this message is for you!

I used to make the very same pie. I used the dog's water bowl. I would dig some of the dirt from where the dog was tied and put it in first. Then, I would pick the very best blades of grass for my dirt pie. I forgot to mention that there was a little water left in the dog's bowl, so I guess it was truly the first ingredient! Anyway, I probably should not tell you this part, but since you are the youngest, I think it will be ok, I fed my dirt pie to my little brother! I told him it was spinach and he would suddenly get big muscles like Popeye! Yep! I sure did! I don't think mom ever found out or I probably would have been in big trouble!!!

Have a great day Tessa!

Jen said...

Was it good? :giggle: I wanna be her age again. But only long enough to make a pie. Although it's WAY too cold right now at less than 32*!

Sharon said...


Renna said...

Oh, how fun that must be. I remember spending countless hours as a child, making mud pies. I recall being quite proud of how they turned out, too, just as a baker would be of a successful pie from her oven.

That's a sweet picture. :-)