Friday, December 12, 2008

festival pictures

some pictures from the Festival of Trees:

Our tree: The Season to be Jolly
A tree covered in Santa's, what could be more fun than that?

The amazing glass tree - there was a video showing how it was made. It was absolutely spectacular. The lights were set to music.

**WARNING TO SARAH: do not look further!**

a fabulous door hanger:


Jen said...

Looks like a great festival this year! I've never seen a glass tree.

Sarah said...

I did it. I looked further, and it hurt. Oh how it hurts!

Mama Bear said...

The tree is lovely. I love the Santas. I have shown your door wreath with the yarn balls to the knitters here! I think it's great! Hope you are staying warm and well.

Wool Winder said...

Thanks for the pictures. I really like the way your tree is loaded with ornaments!

Momma B said...

I think the glass tree is very interesting!

Sharon said...