Monday, December 01, 2008

Another Tree

Another tree for Lucy. And, sadly, I forgot my camera. However, after I left I noticed an ornament in my pocket that I forgot to put on the tree, so I will show you a picture of that. (at potentially great personal risk, I might add, because I didn't mean to steal this and now that I've published it on my blog, my little sister will know!)

And one of my sweatshirt with this year's pin (the red one) and one from another year (I should have written the years on the backs, but, of course, I didn't). I did not remember where the other pins were off-hand this morning, but I doubt they'd be too hard to find. I only have three jewelry boxes and one push-pin board (the green one had been acting as a very fancy thumb tack. I like that use for them). I have five pins now - one for each year of decorating for Lucy. Sweet Lucy.

A short description of decorating day that I originally posted on my family's website (names changed to protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent.):

...there is a lot of wire (must wire EVERYTHING! And then wire some more!), lots of decorations, lots of laughing, some scones, some cold air when they open the bay doors, usually a baby or two (yay Baby L! he had his turn today), lots of ribbon, lots of wishing we'd brought this, that, or the other thing (tables, sharpie, etc), and some tears. It's magic. And every year is the best. Like Anchely said of our annual contributions - every tree is my favorite!

in case you were hoping to see a photo of a tree, I'll post one from last year to tide us over until I can take one of the current tree when we go to The Festival of Trees to watch Mikay & her dance class perform.


Wool Winder said...

What a nice way to honor Lucy and help other children in the process.

Ellen Stanclift said...

I never see a ladybug without thinking of, and remembering, Lucy. What a lovely thing you're doing ! Lucy has touched many lives with her much-too-short one.

Jen said...

I can't wait to see this years tree! They're always so beautiful. Just like Lucy.

knitalittle said...

Beautiful not just the tree but the thoughts and the love that goes with the tree.
Without her little life I wouldn't have met some VERY NICE and wonderful people reasons to be thankful this year :)