Saturday, December 20, 2008

charm bracelet how-to

This is mostly for the super nice woman working at the craft store this morning. I am going to attempt to explain how I made the charm bracelet. Please keep in mind that I don't generally write patterns or instructions because I have difficulty translating the workings of my brain into English. Today I enlisted the help of Tessa's chalkboard. High tech, huh?

1. take a jump ring (or something similar)
and feed some super thin hair elastic-type
stretchy cording through (don't cut it), like this:

2. string beads and charms, like this:

3. feed elastic through jump ring in the
same direction as before, like this:

4. string a second round of beads and charms, like this:

repeat - mine has 5 strands total, so does the lia sophia one.

To finish (5th round):

cut elastic enough for half a round plus knotting
on the beginning end. string beads and
charms on each half, tie so
knot is under a bead (I liked using
one of the wider tubes to hide the ends).

Now, I hope that makes at least a little sense. Happy beading!


Kim in MI said...

What's a jump ring? Is that some secret term jewelry makers know? I bought some beads and stretchy elastic cord stuff to try to make homemade "African Butterfly Hair Clips" but never did that, maybe I'll (never) do this instead! :) The bracelets are beautiful!

Jen said...

Looks easy enough. =) But you have way more creativity than I do!

Mama Bear said...

I love the chalk board instructions! Great job :)

Cassie said...

Ya, that makes absolutely no sense to me so I'm just going to buy one from you. Email your paypal address!

Momma B said...

It is funny that you are trying to recreate Lia Sophia jewelry, because my sister was just talking about doing the same thing yesterday! She said if you make your own, which we do, there is no reason to spend sooooo much on something that you could make with relatively little pain and suffering and even less cash!