Monday, October 22, 2007

a sock yarn question...

So I am going to knit some socks for a Christmas gift. I haven't knit many pairs of socks, especially lately. I don't have much experience with sock yarns, though I've used Trekking and liked it a lot. So I ask, what's your favorite sock yarn? Why? Pretty please leave me a comment and tell me. I'd like them to be soft, hopefully washable, warm, and - you know - yummy!


Ruth said...

I like opal - simply because it is one of the very few sock yarns available here. So not much help for you I'm afraid.

slugmom said...

I'm no expert! But I have some limited experience ...

although ... I think you have more than I do, aren't you the one who got me started on socks?!?!

The first socks I did for Eminoodle were intended to be mine, knit with Caron Simply Soft Brites which says on the label worsted weight but was a little thinner, it seemed, maybe halfway between what I think of as worsted and the other sock yarns I've tried. It is fuzzing up a little as it washes.

I knit with Moda Dea "Sassy Stripes" for Sputnik's (the child formerly known as LittleD) socks. It's labeled "sock weight" but it seemed about as thick and chunky as the average "worsted weight" ... it wasn't a thin yarn.

I knit Buzz and Tobi-wan's socks with Lion Brand Magic Stripes in "denim stripes" and it was thinner. It's the only one I can find locally, our big mega-store carries it.

Iliacat has knit herself some socks using Red Heart's TLC Baby yarn in the fizzy print color (?) ... it's listed as a 'fingering' weight yarn and as about as thin as the Lion brand sock yarn, but softer and less wooly, and seems to be washing up quite well.

I have some sock yarn I bought that I haven't knitted yet, but the TLC Baby yarns really seem about the same weight, and are softer than the wool blends ... but is mostly acrylic.

I'm going to use my sock yarn for mine (Paton's Kroy Krayz Stripes), but then I'd like to try some in the TLC Baby yarn lime green -- I'll let you know which I like better, ask me in a few months, LOL.

Oooh! And I also just bought some wool blend undyed sock yarn from knitpicks which we're going to dye in KoolAid!

(I'm posting as slugmom because I couldn't get it to work as me -- Kim in MI)

Wool Winder said...

I've been using cotton blends a lot for my climate, but that's not what you're looking for. Trekking is a great choice for what you describe. Koigu is the softest most luxurious yarn I've used, but it needs to be hand washed. I've also used and liked Cherry Tree Hill (hand wash), Online Supersocke 100 and Opal.

Maria said...

the websites for the sock companies are The Loopy Ewe and Simply Socks Yarn Company

Maria said...

I left another comment saying how I wish I was the one getting your gift basket, but it got lost in blog land! It sounds wonderful. The 2 websites that are nice for sock yarn are those I listed, also your LYS would have some suggestions. I haven't knitted socks yet, and I hope to find out about yours!! I have a pattern for Lion Brand Magic Stripes sock yarn, too, but I can't find that yarn anywhere here.

knitalittle said...

I don't have a favorite wool for sock. It may sound funny but when I find something I like I pick it up and knit up a pair of socks. If I like the look and if they last I will knit up another pair and another well you know what happens :-)

Mama Bear said...

Oh.. don't get me started! LOL I just bought a new to me sock yarn that I am loving, but I haven't washed it yet, so I can't tell you how it washes up and holds up to wear.

Of course, I'm a little prejudiced. I can only wear merino or long fiber wools, so I tend to avoid some that feel scratchy to me unless I know the person getting the socks likes other wools.

I have always liked Pat Fly's Monarch sock yarn.

It's 100% merino, soft and thick. Knits up on a 1.5 or 2 needle well. Does GREAT simply tossed in the washer and dryer. Looks good even after several washes.

Because it's merino, it may not hold up to hard wear as long as say Paton's Kroy (which can wear like iron) bit it's SO much softer than Kroy. PinkDandelion and I both use the Pat Fly yarn a fair bit. It's very similar to Socks that Rock in texture. I also like that Pat has some solid colors if I want something that will show off cables and such well.

The new yarn I'm trying out is from pagewood farms. It's also a 100% merino superwash. It's a thinner yarn than the Monarch. I am using a size 1 needle and could probably even use a 0 if I wanted. Despite the small needle, the yarn is staying very soft/flexible. This makes a thinner sock than the Monarch. I'll give more report when I finish and can wash the socks.

The two above (Pat Fly's Monarch and Pagewood farms) come out as favorites, after having used Lorna's Laces, Paton's Kroy, Several different Regia yarns, Koigu, Socks that Rock, Cherry Tree Hill, Sassy Stripes, Cascade Fixation, and probably a few I am forgetting.

A couple of yarns I have read that people like, that I have not tried because they aren't merino, are Trekking, and Bearfoot by Mountain Colors. has some trekking on sale.

Bearfoot is 60% Superwash Wool, 25% Mohair, 15% Nylon. I can't do the mohair, even though it's pretty soft for mohair, but I know many people like this yarn.

While littleknits carries the Pat Fly yarns, they are less expensive directly from Pat's web site above.

Oh.. and I'm also trying out Dale of Norway's Baby Ull for children't socks. It's a superwash merino DK weight, but done up tightly is supposed to make a nice sock. Again, I'll have to report back on that.

Jen said...

Well since I have only knit adult sized socks with plain old wool, and you know that did not turn out so well after washing....I like the sock yarns from I have knit childrens socks from that.

Jen said...

I forgot to add....I like magic stripes. AND the sock yarn from some of the other companies, is lightyears out of my price range! $24 per hank is a BIG NONO for me. Knitpicks is very affordable since it doesn't have that expensive 'brand' name to it. =)

Joanne said...

Lion Brand sock yarn has lasted well for me. If you cannot find it near you, look on their site. I also, like Regia too. They both have worn well. I have just finished a pair with Opal, they have great colors. I don't know how they will wear though. A trick for good wear is to knit them on a small enough needle, so they are tightly knit.