Sunday, November 04, 2007

short temper with the short row

First of all, thanks for all of the input on sock yarn! I looked up several different yarns and though I had wanted to try something new, I ended up purchasing Trekking yarn for both pairs. I started the first sock right away. The first pair will be Tech Guy Socks. I like this pattern for a man. I still haven't decided what pattern to use for the pink socks.

I'm having a problem though. I've never done a short row heel, but I've tried before. I thought I'd try again. It's causing me stress because I don't like the hole at the top. I looked for a video tutorial but was unable to find one. I may end up just going back to the heel flap, defeated and sad. *sigh* Can you see? They don't even look like they are in a pretty line. Bleh. Perhaps I'll give it one more try (but I hate to keep pulling it out, I think that probably isn't very good for the yarn). I haven't touched it in a few days. It's in time-out.


Wool Winder said...

I use the "backward" yarn-over method (PGRs method) for short-rows. I think it's the same one in the pattern you're using. I usually have a hole at the very end on one side caused by the stitches being loosened while the heel was worked. Supposedly you can pick up a stitch to help close the gap, but I always make it worse that way. Instead I use duplicate stitch to tighten up the gap after the sock is finished.

It looks like you might be having a different problem. What size needles are you using? Maybe the gauge is too loose. Or maybe you are not working the yarn-overs correctly.

Here's a link to a comprehensive list of tutorials for short-rows. Maybe one of them will help.

kim said...

um ... I've never done a short-row sock, but it sounds like the holes are coming where the increases are? I was reading the different increases at and several of them said "same as X but without the little gap" -- maybe you could substitute a different kind of increase?

Sandi said...

Merry Christmas! I know things have been a bit rough of late, just wanted to let you you know I was thinking of you. Have a blessed holiday! Sandi