Monday, June 22, 2009

so much better

Megs, Suzy and I recovered the dining chairs.

this one was, by far, the worst.

my girls, troopers that they were, took the covers off of 4 and a half of our 6 chairs (Doug and I did the other 1.5)

they look so. much. better.

a special thanks to my friend, Michelle (who is yet to get a blog even though she is super amazing and should absolutely have one!), for giving, yes giving(!), us this lovely upholstery fabric.


Momma B said...

They look great!

Momma B said...

Might I add, your blog skin is very nice! I am not sure what you have been doing with it lately, but I really like this!

Wool Winder said...

Better than new. Nice work, everyone!

Nancy said...

I'm impressed! You have done more than refurbish the chairs: you have planted the seed of confidence in your girls. Kudos to you and to them on this accomplishment.

Jenny said...

They look great. And now that you have older kids, you might only have to spot clean the fabric after my kids come over!

Snot Head said...

I want a cool blog back ground! I have never figured out where to get a personalized one. That would be so awesome. Anyway, yay for the chairs! They do look awesome. I wish I could re-upholster my couch! It would be too much work tho, so, alas, I will just have to wait til we can buy something else.