Tuesday, June 30, 2009

entering the contest...

MommaB is having another contest because she's got an over active guilty conscience. I can relate to that. Her sister won the other one fair and square (they claim ;). So I enter again.

I think this bag would be perfect to carry all of the little projects I plan on doing, like the not-quite-so-weird-and-drunk-looking frog who is hoping to be born soon and will be a cousin to this guy (the weird-and-drunk-looking one):

My husband's work friend told him he'd buy a frog if I could make one after seeing a penguin and a lion I'd made for a couple of the women in the office who recently had babies.

crossing my fingers 'cause I'd really like to win!

and PS, I get extra-credit if you leave a comment on her blog saying you saw it here first! Oh and hey, check out MommaB's Etsy shop!


Momma B said...

Drunken frog or not a drunken frog, that is the question!

I think they are all so cute, even if the frog is not exactly what you were hoping for!

I am really thinking that I am not a crazy giveaway person and will not be having a guilty conscience this time, because my sister will not be entering. Her idea, not mine.

Or, maybe I am crazy and the giveaway has nothing to do with it???

I hope you had a nice visit!

Jenny said...

Shackson says you are very good at knitting and that you should have a store. And he thanks you for the cute drunkish frog. I didn't even know of the gift and was about to add it to the pile of the girls' stuff that was left behind ;) You spoil us.

Marcia said...

pile? oh dear. i only knew of a single toothbrush. i gave mr. drunkish to tessa who asked if it was alright for her to give to shack because of his love for our hoppy green friends.