Wednesday, June 17, 2009

an alternate reality

So I'm finding myself in this crazy alternate reality called "summer." Just before the end of the school year my husband changed his work schedule and is now home & wandering around until 4 in the afternoon. Add to that a house FULL of kids, about double the number of children to whom I gave birth. It's nuts. It's like every day is some insane never-ending Saturday. And Saturday is not my favorite day of the week! I'm having a hard time finding a way to ground myself. I think it's strange that the adjustment has been hardest for me when I'm the only one who didn't change my normal location. I'm finding all of these people everywhere I turn! What am I to do?

On another note: Here are some pictures of a baby pheasant we found while walking home from the park the other day. Megs caught her and we took her up to the bird sanctuary place and found out that Meg is old enough to volunteer for them. She's really excited and the other girls are really jealous.


Momma B said...

I understand the confusion! UGH! I soak up every second of peace and quiet! Oh, and I have too many kids for others to come and play inside, so that is one major difference!

Snot Head said...

Summer is an alternate reality, even for those of us w/o kids. It just changes your whole chemical balance. Vitamin D soaks into your pores, and it messes with your head. haha You get a sun overdose! I think that's what's wrong with me right now. I am stinkin tired!

Although, it could be dependency on caffeine and the lack of that caffeine in my system today!