Thursday, June 18, 2009

I wanna win!

So my blogging friend (and regular friend too, actually) MommaB has an Etsy shop where she sells her photos and very cute crochet things. AND! she's having a giveaway. That I want to win. But really, who wouldn't want to win this awesome clutch? That's what I thought. So the deal is if I (or you or anyone) blog about her giveaway and send her the link (I'll probably just put it in her comments section) she'll enter me (or you or anyone) once. If someone clicks over to her blog from my entry and leaves a comment saying as much (psst ... my name is Marcia!) she'll give me a second entry. 

I really like the lining. I'm bummed, however, that the adorable little model on her blog doesn't come with it though. Too bad. I'd like that!


Snot Head said...

You might like it until she started acting like you had slapped her across the face when all you did was simply tell her, "No, you cannot climb atop that chair." haha I get the precious gift of getting to love her and leave when things get too high pitched. haha

Momma B said...

You are a sucker for little girls aren't you!? I would seriously email her to you, if I thought it would work! Of course, you would have to send her back by bed time! She is a bit attached! She has gone from peacefully sleeping in her crib to sleeping with her arm wrapped around momma's or daddy's neck again! A-mazing!

Jen said...

I've made one like that, but didn't line it. Next time...I'll line it!