Wednesday, March 24, 2010

probably my favorite verse

What shall we do about poor little Tigger?
If he never eats nothing he'll never get bigger.
He doesn't like honey or haycorns or thistles
because of the taste and because of the bristles.
And all of the good things which an animal likes
have the wrong sort of swallow or too many spikes.
-- A.A. Milne

This tiny book is one we had as children.
I remember looking at during church when I was very small,
it's the story of when Eeyore lost his tail.


Wool Winder said...

I always loved those tiny books when I was little.

Snot Head said...

Oh! I love classic Pooh. He is my favorite, and there is certainly a lot of insight to it looking back as an adult. A.A. Milne captured my heart!