Monday, March 22, 2010

change, it kills me.

so i was trying some new layouts. new fonts. new colors. the best i could do was a new pattern (which i really like, by the way) from the cutest blog on the block. i like to change that from time to time, but putting my links on the right-hand side of my blog? Ack! i don't think i could cope with that.

some other strange things? i hate, hate, hate to touch metal. i can only use certain pieces of flatware because (and i kid you not) some of them hurt my hands. or my brain. or both. i really don't like going to bed at night. i suffer from huge amounts of anxiety (topped the charts when i took the profile test thing) and it increases as the sun goes down. i'm left-handed but only for writing, eating, crocheting & knitting, everything else is done with my right hand. and finally the blog changes, this entry, are only lame attempts to stall bedtime.


a picture. birdie's birthday cake. it was good.


Wool Winder said...

That cake sure does look good!

If you're not already taking anti-anxiety medication, maybe that would help, especially at bedtime.

Jenny said...

Does it make you feel better to know that I am very picky about what plasticware I will use?! Also, I appreciate the feel of good, solid, well-shaped flatware. Wish I had a good answer for the night-time anxiety. :o(

Snot Head said...

My mouth is watering so badly! Can you mail me a piece? Or a whole cake? Don't care which. I am the same, to a lesser scale I'm sure, about the anxiety. That's why I'm having such a hard time coping with my husband starting a night shift job. I'm used to having him there, and I too hate change. So now I have change and anxiety and I'm stuck dealing with it alone because my husband is gone when it is dark. No wonder I am crazy!! lol You aren't alone. :)