Monday, March 15, 2010

13 things I love about Birdie

1. She is one of the most intelligent people I know.
2. I've never once worried about her misbehaving at school.
3. The effort I've seen her making to have good relationships with her sisters & cousins.
4. She's very musically talented.
5. Her laugh.
6. That she is open with me about more than I was at that age.
7. How hard she works at school, especially this past year.
8. She is dependable.
9. Her long, long eyelashes (though sometimes it borders jealousy for me!)
10. Like her aunts, she's a fantastic writer, her 6th grade teacher would often read her pieces to the class.
11. She is a talented artist.
12. I get to be her mom.
13. She's my kid.

Happy 13th birthday, Girlie!


Wool Winder said...

Excellent qualities. I know you're proud to be her mom.

Momma B said...

Happy Birthday, Birdie!

It sounds like you are not the only one who is lucky in this relationship!

Tanya said...

what a great idea to list these attributes! especially for a teenager to hear.....priceless! she will cherish this forever.

if only my mom did this for me, i might have had more confidence! what a gift you are giving to her.

Cassie said...


Jenny said...

Did you tell her what G-pa S would have said? "You know I can't stand teenagers!" (Followed up with a huge hug)