Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ms. Grouchy Pants

I'm really in a bad mood. A really bad mood. And I'm not completely sure why, I just know that I am. I have a daughter who sometimes gets too carried away with the dog and another who wishes she were more helpless than she really is. I'm tired. I didn't sleep well, but then I never really do anyway. I'm sad. I'm uncomfortable because I ate way too much crap in the last month and a half. I've been worried about my mom and I've been worried about my grandma. Both were in the hospital the weekend before Christmas. Grandma is still there (broken pelvis & collar bone from a fall). Mom is home, thankfully.

One of my sisters, who is also one of my best friends, was in town for a week and went home today. I think. She was staying with my parents mostly (did spend a couple of nights here). I wanted to go see her one last time yesterday, but wasn't able to make it down there. I miss her.

The kids are fighting. I am hiding in here on the computer. And YAY! I'm blogging about it!

a present to you for listening to (reading) my fussing, I give you Fruithenge. My brother-in-law built this masterpiece at about 1:00 am on January 1st. He and my sister humored my inability to go right to bed and hung out with me for a little while (the girls and I spent NYE with them and my parents at mom & dad's house).


Cassie said...

(((HUGS))) I hope you sleep tonight and that tomorrow is a better day.

LOVE fruithenge!

Momma B said...

Sorry that you are not feeling well...happy...stress-free! I hate feeling restless and not being able to do much about it will really drive you crazy! If it makes a difference, I have been thinking about you a whole lot and missing you even more!

I loooooooove the fruit, by the way!

Wool Winder said...

I get like that sometimes, too. Hopefully you're feeling better today.

Sarah said...

Love you.