Friday, January 15, 2010

a granny a day

I heard about this:

at Works in Progress and decided to join in the fun. I have a little bit of catching up to do (but that's ok). I've always admired the granny squares with the flower centers but assumed it would be too difficult for me. Then yesterday I got to thinking and realized I'm a moderately intelligent person. Never mind that I can't seem to follow instructions to save my life, I ought to be able to figure it out. So I looked at the ones Pip has pictured and then made these:

I'm not sure if I've done them the same way or not, but I'm pleased! Like I said, I have a bit of catching up still, but I'm excited! Yay granny squares! (PS, if you are interested but don't know how to crochet or crochet a granny, Pip is posting video tutorials)


Momma B said...

Very cool! I must say that I really don't know how to do them.

Snot Head said...

They are super easy to get the hang of! I love the flowered ones too. I was thinking about making some and using them on my granny square slippers to decorate the toe a little bit! Can't wait to find out how to make them. Thanks!

Wool Winder said...

Looks like you figured it out perfectly.

Jenny said...

"Moderately intelligent" Hah! Try amazingly intelligent! Gifted and talented! Kind and compassionate!