Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a monkey & his blankie

We used to home school. The year we put our daughters in public school for the first time Suzy had one of the most amazing teachers I've ever met. I cannot say enough good about her. That was also the year Teacher got married. Suzy and some of her little friends were able to attend the wedding reception.

This year Tessa is in the same teacher's class and this year Teacher is having her first child! We're hitting her milestones well, don't you think? So for this teacher we love I've made a monkey rag blanket & a monkey friend to go with it. Tessa is so excited for Mrs. N, she can hardly stand it.

P.S. I decided to let Tessa name him. She chose Bananas.


Momma B said...

What a wonderful gift! I think that monkey is pretty slick and his blankie is even better!

Wool Winder said...

Teacher will love this gift!

Snot Head said...

I would totally fall in love with this gift! It is so thoughtful and so adorable and so cuddly and and and... lol I bet she will cherish it!