Thursday, December 10, 2009

tis the season for teacher gifts

This year I thought it would be fun, inexpensive and easy to crochet some mini stockings for teachers.

But that didn't work.

Then I remembered I know how to knit! Socks, even! So I dug out my needles, located all Christmas-ish yarn and went to work. I figured the girls can fill the socks with a clementine, some homemade caramel (well, we're going to attempt homemade caramel anyway!), pencils & maybe erasers (from the dollar store) and (if I can find them! would you believe no luck so far?) candy canes.

The beauty about these is that because they won't be given in pairs, I don't have to make any two alike or follow any sort of a pattern (and believe me, they aren't and I'm not!). The horror? Now that my oldest is in 7th grade I have 6 more teachers! (I'm about halfway done)


Momma B said...

This is so much fun! I just have about 7 more to do to finish my micro-mini stocking making!

Wool Winder said...

I love them!

I'm surprised the stores are out of candy canes. That's crazy!

Nancy said...

I love your stockings, and as a former teacher, I can assure you that they will be appreciated. I have ornaments on my tree that students gave me through the years. I cherish them.

Snot Head said...

Ugh...When I think of the repetitiveness of this, it doesn't sound like fun at all. Glad you and my sister are having fun with this kind of thing, though. lol I love your Christmas-ish colors. :)

Jenny said...

Love these! Come teach me how to knit socks and I swear I will be the happiest person alive. Well, once I can knit socks AND my little guy is potty trained. THEN I will be the happiest person alive.