Thursday, December 03, 2009

a giveaway

So a blogging friend of mine posted about a giveaway on another blog (Works in Progress). I clicked on the link. Trouble.

Oh. My. Check out this awesome prize:

Seriously? Are you kidding me? I really tried not to enter the contest. Really. But how could I help it? And not only did I enter once (leaving her a comment) but I subscribed to her blog for a second entry and here I am blogging about it for a third! What kind of friend am I? Making my poor, poor friend's chances even smaller still. Dear, I hope you can forgive me but really, these buttons alone are worth the entries!

So, go enter if you want. How could I possibly blame you?


Snot Head said...

hahahaha I DO blame you! lol If I don't win, I will be finding you. lol And I will swear that I really tried not to. I'm pretty sure that you were also meant to be my big sister, because this blog alone is very Jamie-esque! lol

Good luck, though! You will have fun following Deb's blog. It is great!

Jenny said...

Did you win? If so, I want to borrow the book!

Marcia said...

I wish! No, I didn't. And neither did my friend. Boo hoo.