Friday, July 17, 2009

etsy, i finally did it

So, I finally got a few little things made that weren't otherwise promised to anyone and put them up on etsy. Take a look if you want! I've added some water bottle slings (I love mine, by the way), the owl family, an alien dude and some little buddies - specifically these little buddies:

actually Pat isn't up there quite yet, but he will be soon. It's lunch time for me right now though.

I also have to blog about the two awesome prizes I won! Totally don't deserve them but am grateful. I expect to be kinda busy the next few days but will get to it soon, I promise.

And if you wouldn't mind holding a good thought for my mom next week, I'd appreciate it. She is having heart surgery. Ugh. We're a little nervous.


Momma B said...

UGH!on the heart surgery! I am sorry she has to go through that, but I will pray that God will do what is best, in her situation!

As for the "creatures," I think you have a hit! They are so COOL! They are fun and bright and have to be a hit with all the kids you have made them for! I hope the Etsy goes just as well!

You need to make a water sling for a bigger bottle! Mine is, well Kylie says it is, 4" and I don't believe it will fit in the slings you have made, but I would like to have one that would fit my bottle! I am going to have serious trigger finger if I don't figure out a different means for holding my bottle while I walk with the kiddies!

Snot Head said...

We have the same water bottle, my sister and I, in different colors. I'll send you a picture of it. I think it is about 4" in on the bottom, but I really love the sherbet colors...Apparently I'm gonna get stomped if I buy you out of that, though. haha My sister will beat me up. Rarely do we like the same thing, but what are ya gonna do?

My favorite little buddy is the square one. I have been wanting to make one forever, but as soon as I run into someone that has little ones or is expecting little ones, I will send them over to you. I just love those dolls. I'm serious. Screw Fisher Price! haha

I had a friend go through heart surgery last December, if you remember from reading my blog. It is terrifying just sitting and waiting for it to be over. I will be praying for lots of peace for you guys. You don't need the extra toll on your brain right now. I'm sending you hugs through the computer!!

Sarah said...

My Marcia, my hero.