Saturday, July 18, 2009


A single name. Two syllables. Those four letters stir such emotion within me. This blog, in fact, has it's name because of her. She was known as our ladybug. Being clever, I thought to call this blog "antknit" because I am the aunt of a little Ladybug (it was particularly amusing at 1 a.m. when I thought of it).

Lucy is the person I miss most in life. Lucy is the person we had shortest. Lucy.

My thoughts are kind of ramble-y right now and probably not making a lot of sense. I'll just get to the point, I guess. Each year since our Lucy was with us we've decorated a tree in her honor at the Festival of Trees in Salt Lake City. All proceeds go to help families and children at Primary Children's Hospital. And if you've ever been there, you know how amazing that place is.

This year Lucy's mama (my amazing younger sister) has started a blog dedicated to Lucy's memory. Weekly, she plans to share stories of her firstborn child's life. Personally, I'm very much looking forward to them. Lucy was our "bringer of Light".


Momma B said...

I have been wondering when these feelings would start to stir again. I am sure they are there forever, but you know some times, they are a little more adamant about being felt and heard and expressed. I know it is getting close to the time you lost Lucy, my family's loss day is over now, and that makes it hurt all over again. It really hurt me that it has been five years this year and so much has changed in five years. So much that seems so impossible.

Sorry, my emotions are beginning to stir, which was not my intention.

I feel for you. I feel for your family. I truly hope your Lucy is keeping our Breonna company!

Momma B said...

You know, I also wondered where the blog name came from! Thanks for clearing that up for me! Clever!

Wool Winder said...

I never met Lucy, but she touched my life in an unexpected way. It was because of her that we met. And I was proud to knit in her memory.

Jen said...

I nicknamed my little Eliza "Ladybug" because of Lucy. I thought about Lucy a lot while we were in the hospital in Omaha.

Snot Head said...

I too was curious about the blog name. It is very clever, and still amusing even at 12:42 pm when I'm reading long after you created it. I'm really glad my sister and I found you. I'm glad you two can relate to each other. Its good to have someone else in life like that. I hope that all the joy you bring in young childrens' lives with the toys you make and your kind heart help to bring you some joy yourself.

knitalittle said...

Without Lucy I wouldn't have met some of the nicest people around. Thank you for sharing.