Tuesday, July 06, 2010

t-shirt mistake fixed

My sister saw a great idea for a patriotic t-shirt in an issue of Family Fun Magazine. She organized an effort to make them with a whole bunch of cousins a couple of weeks ago (why didn't I take any pictures of that?!).

All was well until 11 pm the night before the Independence Day parade (which wasn't on Independence Day this year, but the day before). This was when two of my girls realized their shirts had accidentally been mixed up between the hand-stamping and name-painting phases. Oops. Lizzy's name ended up on Tessa's shirt and Tessa's name ended up on Lizzy's shirt. And they are dramatically different sizes. What's a mom to do with one girl in tears and another not far behind?

Well. I remembered fabric I had leftover from a few years ago when I attempted jumpers for the 4th of July.

And I made a plan.

They turned out very cute and I had requests from two other girls to add stars to their shirts even though there were no mistakes that needed a band-aid.

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Wool Winder said...

Mom to the rescue! You saved the day and the girls look super cute in their shirts.