Tuesday, May 04, 2010

a question and some other stuff

I've mentioned my love of remnants. Several times. I suspect it's incurable and I'm ok with that. I recently found a couple of pieces that I adore. They seem to be calling to me, but I can't quite make out what they are saying.

Any suggestions about what to do with them? Of the black there is 7/8 of a yard and 1/2 a yard of the white.


I'm making another flower, but this one is bigger and has no stem. It is intended to be a gift for my friend's daughter's birthday. I thought it would be cute on her bed.

I hope I have enough of the pink yarn.


and just for fun, a couple of future strawberries...

does this mean it's really spring?


Wool Winder said...

I think the flower pillow is adorable!

Sarah said...

Hmm. More awesome banners? Headbands? Pillow cases? Those seem like good projects for remnants.

Jenny said...

I'm really liking the black and white fabrics. I don't know what you should do with them tho. Is there enough to make a summer skirt? That would be super cute! And Happy Birthday, Antknit!

sammyp said...

Yes, I hope your day was a good one. Did you have cake? Do you need more cake? LIke a lemon one maybe?

I want to show you these cute hair pins I've been making. Yes, I've been making things. You are an inspiration.

Sarah said...

That last one? Not sammyp. Me!

(As if you had actually thought it was him making hair pins and offering cake...)

Marcia said...

Sar, I believed it right up till the hair pins. Then I thought: waitasecond! and I very much want to see hairpins!

Ruth's Place said...

Lovely flower. You could always turn the remnants into a handbag.