Saturday, May 15, 2010

church doll

My mom made dolls like this for all of us little girls at least (not sure if she made them for my two older sisters ... Anchely?). We played with them a lot but most especially at church, while we were supposed to be sitting quietly on the bench like the little angels that we were. The dolls are made with a white handkerchief and have our names embroidered on the bottom corner. I had my friends who are framers put her in a shadow box for me and she hangs in my room.

(another church secret, my mom used to bring masking tape in her purse. apparently we would beg her for pieces and tape our own mouths closed. had we known that was part of her master plan, i'm not sure we would have been so happy about it but i do remember loving that tape.)

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Anchely said...

I, too, have a handkerchief doll. (Whew!). I have to say, the tape idea was genius. We'd beg for a piece of tape to play with, then tape our own mouths shut when we got it. Brilliant!