Monday, May 18, 2009

some pictures

I've been taking pictures. Here are a few. Just for fun.


my new friend
(s/he actually came in the house today,
but I had my husband let it back out. I see it every day)

some amazing roses my awesome sister gave my mom for mothers day

our new neighbor


3DNP said...

Love your pics...the bee scared me!! Totally feel in love with your new bulldogs!! Great neat!

Nancy said...

Oooh, I love the roses, and who could resist giving the bulldog a scratch behind the ears. Enjoy your day!

Momma B said...

The bee #@&!!!

The roses are BEEutiful!

The puppy, priceless, until she pees somewhere she shouldn't!

Snot Head said...

Whoa! I missed that bee completely until I read the comments. I had an awesome bee pic a couple years ago, but it was in the mess of mom's stuff. There is no hope for it. haha