Tuesday, September 25, 2007

farewell summer

I took this picture in my front yard about a month ago.

I always find it a little sad to say goodbye to the summer. This year it is bittersweet. It was a hard summer, but also a good one. I put down my needles for a few months but I picked up a trowel instead. Well, I picked up the trowel for a while until it mysteriously disappeared (I had a few suspects, one with four legs and a couple with two) at that point my trowel became a large kitchen spoon (or rather my big kitchen spoon became a trowel). I planted many new perennials and some annuals for color. A good friend built me window boxes (she claims it was her own therapy). I happily watered my hanging baskets, boxes, flower beds and lawn each morning while I waited for my tea to cool. After all of my plants had been given a drink, I would take my tea in the backyard while I spent fifteen or twenty minutes having some Bible time.

But now it is cold. Mornings have become a bit crazy around here. I need to find a new routine. I look forward to next summer with more flowers and more tea on the patio.


Wool Winder said...

There hasn't been much change in our weather, but I'm a little sad to say goodbye to summer too. What I'll miss are the long hours of sunlight. Love your sunflower picture.

knitalittle said...

Sunflowers. I had almost forgotten how lovely they can be. I don't seen sunflowers in this part of the country. Thank you :-)

Mama Bear said...

The sunflower photo is lovely! We had sunflowers this year thank to Pink Dandelion's planting them.

Next summer come up this way and have tea on my porch :)